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Shrimp is the food that everybody likes to eat very much, still made for raw material with shrimp like shrimp paste such flavoring, also have its piece call shrimp to cream or shrimp cake, flavour relatively shrimp paste is full-bodied. Of shrimp paste eat a law to have a lot of, the simplest is to making a noise to eat, if had eaten, affirmative meeting stays very deepNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The impression of quarter, the cooking in learning lower part law to be in the home. So, fry shrimp paste the simplest what is having a way? We look below.

 Fry shrimp paste the simplest have a way

Eyebrow beans fries shrimp paste


Midge child shrimp paste 60 grams, egg two, squid, eyebrow beans 150 grams, chili 6, very light blue a paragraph, ginger two, caraway


1, eyebrow beans goes muscle, inclined cut silk;

2, green ginger cuts end, red any of several hot spice plants is cut paragraph, caraway is mincing reserve;

 Fry shrimp paste the simplest have a way

3, egg and midge child divide evenly of shrimp paste agitate;

4, boiler having oil, after oily heat, egg midge is entered below child shrimp paste, break up fry agglomerate hind take out;

5, the squid is abluent cut into shreds, in the scald in boiled water, cross cold water quickly, drop does moisture to reserve;

6, boiler having oil, oily tepid nowadays enters red any of several hot spice plants paragraph, stir-fry before stewing of green ginger end gives sweet smell;

7, stir-fry before stewing of next conflagration of silk of the beans that enter eyebrow are fried, become angry to molten of eyebrow beans silk;

8, fallShanghai noble baby

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The squid silk of scald water and the egg midge that had fried child shrimp, boil is mixed into cooking wine, salt, conflagration breaks up fry 1 minute;

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9, add gourmet powder and divide evenly of caraway end bag, give boiler can.

 Fry shrimp paste the simplest have a way

Small hang

1, midge child shrimp saline taste is very heavy, those who notice to control salt is right amount add, tasteShanghai night net

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Can omit salt;

2, after squid scald water, the fish out on 29 seconds of horses, pour cold water quickly, maintain the fragile tender mouthfeel of the squid;

3, if this dish does not add a squid, can egg midge child shrimpShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Fry after shaping, add eyebrow beans conflagration to break up directly fry, such more be helpful for shrimp paste and eyebrow beans olfactory optimal confluence;

4, like an egg soft can add bit of water tenderly a little in egg fluid.

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