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There are a lot of people to like to eat filbert particularly in our life, filbert is our country of a kind of special local productForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Content, this kind of food grows commonly in remote mountains, it is vitality, compare a kind of tenacious plant, its fructification is having hard case, but its pulp tastes mouthfeel is really special good, and its nutrient value is richer also, can so unripe filbert eat?

Can unripe filbert eat

Unripe filbert is raw still the filbert that pass, can eat directly. Unripe filbert can rind directly edible, also can be molar mincing perhaps put salad, sauce, milk, ice-cream or it is the edible in cake.

The nutrient value of filbert is very high, its composition basically is centered in filbert carapace and hazelSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Child kind benevolence in. Hazel carapace contains many palm pigment, it is a kind admirableShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Accord with the natural pigment of green food demand, at the same time it still lays corporeal raw material one kind, there is fair research value in the sources of energy and environmental protection domain, in addition, the filbert carapace after powdery pure is very good organic fat raw material.

Can unripe filbert eat

Patulous data:

Filbert is woodSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
This oil plants tree plants this commissariat and wood, use value integratedly very tall, use is more extensive. Of our country filbert use the history long, the earliest but the Stone Age before restrospect to 6000 A, in Xi’an disinter is sent in relics of half slope village carapace of many filbert fruit. Concerned character account is in BC of 10 centuries ” The Book of Songs ” in already appeared.

Hazel benevolence is contained adipose 50.6% ~ 63.8% , protein 16.2% ~ 18.0% , carbohydrate 16.5%Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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, prandial fiber 8.2% ~ 9.6% . Although filbert contains a lot ofgrease, but can fall however eyesight of fat of blood pressure blood, protection, defer consenescence. Its abundant oil also appropriate is absorbed by human body at vitamin of among them fat dissolve sex, it is body the beautiful of crowd of empty of weak, easy hunger, ill rear body is chosen.

Filbert can be eaten raw

Unripe filbert is the commonnest eat a law to pare be eaten raw directly after housing namely, in other edibles is being joined after also having pulverize of will unripe filbert of course, the food taste after mixture filbert is more beautiful, so, filbert can be eaten raw.

Can unripe filbert eat

Filbert is eaten raw unfavorable eat more

Filbert is to be able to be eaten raw, and unripe filbert contains a kind of light faint scent, increase the person’s appetite, make the person eats easily much, filbert is need tall adipose nut, it is too much and easy to eat make the undesirable consequence such as person get angry, dyspeptic, constipation, accordingly, eat controversy raw to must notice to control the amount of edible.

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