[the quantity of heat of bean jelly is high] – of effect of _ action _

Article introduction

Bean jelly is a kind of commonner cate in daily life, and the main material of bean jelly is to use starch what to make and be become, not only clear cool opening, and nutrient value is rich, still can have the effect that metabolizes to stimulative bowel path, to the bodyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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First-rate, and bean jelly among them quantity of heat also is lower, reducing weight period1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Also be OK between of edible, but also need to control drink appetite, those who eat is overmuch also can bring about easily fat.

 The quantity of heat of bean jelly is high

Is the quantity of heat of bean jelly high?

Having bean jelly purely is won’t of get fat, not was necessary completely to worry about weight!

Although starch makes bean jelly, but its actually amylaceous content is had pity on less, and moisture held great majority, this is the different part with the amylaceous the largest goods such as it and steamed bread, because this quantity of heat is all the more low, the quantity of heat of 100 grams finished product also has 35-45 kilocalorie only probably just, quantity of heat is low arrive cannot again low.

And, the moisture in bean jelly can promote the metabolism of the body, while to human body compensatory place requires moisture, promoted peristalsis of intestines and stomach again, have the effect with embellish aperient bowel. ThisShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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It is to want to rise, it is difficult to still also have a place really.

Nevertheless, it is OK that this also is not meant of unbridled have bean jelly. What say before us is pure have bean jelly just won’t get fat, if be in those who have bean jellyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Moment joins all sorts of condiment, perhaps add honey, milk, quantity of heat is this bit bit more more than, broke up very likely again, turned over several times so.

So, if want to control weight, it is the edible quantity that should notice to control bean jelly, another be when eating add all sorts of a few condiment less. Note proper movement even, such ability achieve the goal that carries good figure.

 The quantity of heat of bean jelly is high

Effect effect

Bean jelly, it is the jelly that be made by all sorts of starch and becomes, it is to use gram starch commonly, pea starch, still have what yam starch is made and become, those who be in our country is the area all has production mostly. Its breed is various, gust each different tastes salty, acerbity, sweet, hot, bright, all flavour completely. Special in midsummer season, a bowl of bean jelly eats go down, the whole body is cool, summer heat total need.

1, disappear heat solves heat

Bean jelly attune is fed with the spice such as Mo of soy, vinegar, mustard, cool and refreshing bright slips, for summertime gust food. The disappear heat of bean jelly solves hot action is well known, summertime edible can alleviate what climate brings is hot and dry feeling, make the body more free from worry.

2, embellish bowel is aperient

The moisture content of 80% is contained in bean jelly, while to human body compensatory water is divided, also rose to promote the action with aperient bowel of metabolic, embellish.

3, reduce weight thin body

Many carbohydrate is contained in bean jelly, when human body edible later, produce full abdomen move extremely easily, come so, human body measures food to other high feverA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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absorb also decreased, can have the effect that reduce weight.

 The quantity of heat of bean jelly is high

4, hairdressing is raised colour

Natural plant is contained in bean jelly colloid, can remove method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to raise colour action, long-term edible but hairdressing is raised colour, adjust endocrine, at female body beneficial.

5, raise immunity

All sorts of nurture that human body place contains a lot ofto need in bean jelly are qualitative, contain high grade protein especially, can increase the disease-resistant ability of airframe and rehabilitation capacity.

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