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The staple food among northward dinner and south are completely different, because connectLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Constant north does not have rice, give priority to with cooked wheaten food, e.g. steamed bread and congee, these two kinds are to be able to make very traditional northward dinner, and it is very easy digestive, still can appear now and then of rice, the chance that just takes rice is less still, each also are above northward rice and southern rice flavour additionally not identical.

Encyclopedia of cookbook of northward dinner staple food


No matter be new rice or Chen Mi, can evaporate gives aroma to raid the rice with glittering and translucent bead of person, bead, there is native place of 4 big secrets here Oh! Want you to remember book of this 4 big secret only, also meet certainly evaporate gives sweet and goluptious rice.

⒈ is washed meter

Above all, we estimate the amount that gives rice with a container. Next book of the biggest secret — wash rice: The scarcely that wash rice should exceed 3 times, if exceed 3 times hind, the nutrition in rice is met a large number of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, the rice fragrance that such evaporate come out also can decrease. Remember washing rice not to exceed 3 times.

⒉ bubble meter

Immerse rice in cold water first a hour. Can let the imbibe with sufficient grain of rice so. Such evaporate come out rice is met a bead is full.

⒊ rice and water scale

When evaporate rice, the scale of rice and water should be 1: 1.2. A particularly simple method will measure the volume of water, put rice water with forefinger in, want water to exceed rice to arrive only the first joint of forefinger is OK.

⒋ is added sweet

If the rice in your home has been Chen Mi, irrespective, chen Mi is OK also the taste that evaporate gives new rice. Be in namely before the course after 3 working procedure, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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We are joined in boiler a few refined salt or peanut oil, remember peanut oil must be burned ripe, and it is air is cool. It is OK to should add touch in boiler only. Can insert electrify next, begin evaporate. Evaporate is good, bead bead is glittering and translucent pick out is fully full, rice is aromatic 4 beneficial.

Impose standard of acetic evaporate rice:

The rice that thoroughly cook shoulds not be long put, especially the summer, rice changes very easily sour. If be when evaporate rice, put by 1.5 kilograms of proportion that rice increases 2-3 milliliter vinegar some feed vinegar, can make1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Rice is deposited easily and prevent sour, and the rice that evaporate comes out does not have acidity, contrary rice is aromatic thicker.

Encyclopedia of cookbook of northward dinner staple food

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Cheer evaporate rice law:

Rice of old rice evaporate is not as delicious as new rice, but the method that should change evaporate rice only, can make Chen Mi as delicious like new rice.

The practice is: Put into clear water to immerse two hours, fish out drop works, put into boiler to add right amount hot water again, one spoon lardy or the plant is oily, the fire that use flourishing cooks boil in a covered pot over a slow fire of reoccupy slow fire half hours can. If use high-pressured boiler, stew 8 minutes namely ripe.

Impose standard of saline evaporate rice:

When this law is confined to remnant rice appetite to weigh evaporate, use. The need when the rice that cannot have to remain eats again weighs evaporate, heavyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The rice of new evaporate always has a taste, those who be inferior to new evaporate is delicious. If be when evaporate leftover, put salt solution, namely can purify rice peculiar smell.

Impose standard of tea evaporate rice:

With rice of boiled water evaporate, can make beautiful of all of rice color, sweet, nutrition, have go mouth of be bored with, clean, change the benefit that feed and provides a vitamin.

The practice is: Overcome tea according to more or less taking 0.5-1 of rice, open bleb 5 minutes with 500-1000 milliliter, next filter goes tea broken bits, pour filtering boiled water into the rice with good pan, enter boiler evaporate by convention can.

Encyclopedia of cookbook of northward dinner staple food

Tomato egg face

Advocate makings:

Noodle, tomato, egg


Salt, bai Sha candy, gourmet powder, balm, old Jiang Pian, sweet green, caraway.


1, two tomato are abluent section, two eggs dolly, salt is added in egg fluid, an old Jiang Pian is mincing;

2, oil is put inside boiler, oily heat pours egg fluid to fry egg flower, fill a;

3, put oil additionally, oily heat explodes ginger of sweet chopped green onion is broken, pour tomato to break up fry, wait for tomato to give water the egg the flower falls to be fried a little while together (can add candy of little Bai Sha, if you dislike the word with tomato too sour taste, add little only) ;

4, add water to boil tasty next (water can be compared when doing boiling water a bit some more) . Can boil on 5 minutes probably, fill next go out, add salt (salt wants many somes of) , gourmet powder, balm.

4, remove one boiler additionally to turn on the water the face that boil, the side is good fill the face bowl of tomato soup namely, scatter on caraway, drench on balm, can edible, aroma raids a person!

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