Is Tianjin passed how to sell a nest to nod? 420 place are cleared by discovery personnel 85 people

Original title: Tianjin dispatchs two days even more 3000 alarm force discovery passes the point that sell上海贵族宝贝交流区

a check 420 place

In new network Tianjin on August 7 report (reporter Zhang Daozheng) Tianjin police is reported 7 days, the concentration that is a key with hitting punish Jing Haichuan to sell acts since beginning 2 days, dispatch in all alarm force more than 3000, in Tianjin city each key上海龙凤论坛

area begins blow to pass sell to move, the platoon examines village street community 621, discovery passes the point that sell a check 420 place, clear pass sell personnel 85 people.

Recently, undergraduate Li Wenxing by accident bud of defect butterfly shellfish is passed mar上海夜网论坛

ket a tissue, the message that discovers at Tianjin city static sea are上海千花网论坛

a dies subsequently causes height of social all circles to pay close attention to. Politics and law of members of standing committee of Tianjin municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee appoint the death below clerical Zhao Fei makes, the requirement begins a blow quickly to ban since August 6 conduct sold special operation illegally, decisive battle 20 days, thoroughly cleared this city is passed illegally sell an activity, destroy pass illegally sell a gang, hit ungodliness, do not give up, not withdraw troops.

In the light of send the new posture that sells crime, new case, height of mechanism of Tianjin public security takes seriously, thorough analysis studies whole town is passed sell guilty rule characteristic, strengthen related to the government ministry scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet is moved, treat jointly with put together, the market superintended door waiting for a ministry to build Tianjin city to hit jointly pass superintend and director to guide working party, realize much branch to catch condominium integrated processing, together; The job that hits professional crime according to professional team asks, via detect in Tianjin city public security bureau total fleet established blow to pass sell guilty major line.

Meanwhile, ceaseless aggrandizement blow is passed sell guilty strength, the blow pattern that takes safeguard of information forerunner, legal system, professional blow to be united in wedlock, begin series continuously special operation, implementation is hit continuously to passing those who sell illegal crime; Increase be on guard propagandist strength, through acoustical screen cable network is enclothed completely, of force of the volley below the line on the line be on guard propagandist mode, aid actively push blow to pass sell guilty job development to begin, build blow to convey sold social atmosphere hard, formed change with integrated processing, special processing, fountainhead processing and informatization, legal system, specialization 3 manage of core of 3 melt into dozen prevent pass sell guilty new structure.

Tianjin police says, since this year, mechanism of this city public security is uncovered in all pass sell a case 86 cases, experience record amount fifty-four million seven hundred and seventy-three thousand four hundred yuan; Hunt down pass sell personnel 1647 people, clear the nest nods 670, demobilize 1160 people, rescue is cheated to participate in pass sell personnel 160, criminal detains 252 people, arrest 103 people.

Next, mechanism of Tianjin city public security will be adopted only group the means that administers union, integratedly advances blow punish to pas爱上海同城论坛

s sell illegal crime activity, strengthen with circumjacent province city communicates cooperation, play crosses area to execute the law linkage advantage, utmost ground extruding is passed sell mobile vivosphere; Aggrandizement the whole people is participated in, will pass instead annul the job is outspread to basic le上海龙凤论坛sh1f

vel, bring broad masses into play to participate in exposure, inform against pass the enthusiasm that sells crime, initiative, destroy thoroughly pass sell constituent system, hit stoutly win ban pass sell war of annihilation. (be over)

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

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