” Fate/EXTELLA ” price case announces date of put on sale to affirm eventually

In ” Fate ” series is made newly ” Fate/EXTELLA ” announce beginning, TYPE-MOON month company already disclosed, should make will this year in November put on sale. A few days ago, they fixed date of this put on sale eventually, still announced the price case of game at the same time.

Game general on November 10, 2016 put on sale. PS4 version price 7980 yen (add up to) of 473 yuan of RMBs about, price of PSV version game 6980 yen (add up to) of 413 yuan of RMBs about.

” Fate/EXTELLA ” be ” Fate ” of series make newly, unlike before work, make the behavioral game that will be incomparable type originally, my king battle the sword is in hand, already labor force is waited for hair.

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