The 4 princesses that 14 looks that PS4 platform must try make me are thirsty already and intolerable

The Suonidafa that more and more players shout now is good, after all the game on PS4 more the taste that accords with compatriots. Nevertheless often the player lets small write the play that recommends a few PS4, there are a lot of outstanding games on PS4 platform actually. Small now make up be 14 game that each check plays surely on PS4 platform.

The top class your work on PS3 ” Ares 3 ” come to PS4 platform as agreed upon, and high-definition still the version that change oh. If you are in those days the functional limitation of PS3 feels regrettablly, that must experience next 1080P, high-definition detail and the Kui that stick a graph to hold in the palm this big fight thearchy. Of game play law and change of content it doesn’t matter, just let you murder below high-definition effect again magical brigade.

Brush brush the stand-alone net that brushs property to swim, ” whole area blocks ” can say develop a new style or a new method of one’s own initiate gave a kind of brand-new game to play a way. Plainspoken risk of this kind of practice is very big, look ” destiny ” ending knew.

However, this Yo green jade did not weigh skip ” watchdog ” and ” assassin credo: Great revolution ” the track of an overturned cart, what do however is very marvellous. What game has compared is reductive the scene of new York city, more perfect to partial ground mark return. The task in game is full, but the element of collect is very much, gut and take the place of to feel what also do is very good.

And the elite no more than of game is brushed namely brush, and the thing that can brush to the player really a lot of, arrive from the weapon the dress, still prop is waited a moment, claw rises contented move does not want really.

” the rocket is allied ” it is game of sports of movement of a fast rhythm, the acrobatics in offerring wonderful physical effect, mad sky, and stirring much person is right battle. This making is ” chariot of rocket of supersonic speed acrobatics ” lineal add is made, will offer more the picture of dazzle cruel and physical effect, the much person sport that raises technological process of whole single person gut, many player to define option and content to abound oneself, make experience of game of sports of new generation movement.

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