” sweet bud content language ” the miracle that now open test presents transhipment of through cargo

Love and beauty are the blackart that your person becomes really interested! Be in now, the magic that this makes the person is enchanted is about to reveal glamour, present miracle of transhipment of through cargo!

By the 3D that wing network rolls out hand of transhipment of through cargo of 2 dimension beautiful girl swims ” sweet bud content language ” will today open checks, the drive of 2 dimension curtilage a group of things with common features people, will quickly experience glamour of bud girls’ infinite transhipment of through cargo together! Melting and pure and fresh picture style, novelty has the transhipment of through cargo of love to play a way, if you are person of star of lover of game of transhipment of through cargo, 2 dimension or dress,collect accuse, must not miss banquet of this royal transhipment of through cargo. But no matter game person is enraged how hot, reputably how continuous and ceaseless, the author still should be opened to everybody first ” sweet bud content language ” mysterious veil.

Enter ” sweet bud content language ” , above all Jing admires to affirm to yours is the person that complete 3D makes, the character’s hair, dress, simple sense upgrades in the round. Although many transhipment of through cargo also had played before the author kind the hand swims, but the 3D character that feels so outstanding character or first time experience arrive. In game, the player can not have the blind angle, beautiful girl that plays close quarters to observe he is made 360 degrees, detail accuses and maiden child boots has good fortune! Additional, the part still is met in process of transhipment of through cargo will do according to dress type special reveal, wore skirt to be able to turn for instance circle, wore shoe to be able to extend a foot to look, changed hairstyle to be able to turn first class, deserve to go up the sound of lovely expression and bud bud Da, simply bud arrives explosion!

Transhipment of through cargo is ” sweet bud content language ” core plays a way, there is free transhipment of through cargo, task transhipment of through cargo in game, take part in the match the mode of transhipment of through cargo that transhipment of through cargo differs 3 kinds, the player can choose according to freedom of be fond of. The author wants what friendship reminds is, the mainstream daughter that can think of besides you inside game is installed, still have all sorts of LO uniform of outfit, jack-tar, Chinese take, outfit of woman of cheongsam, cat, kimono, formal attire, handsome the characteristic dress such as men’s clothing, more deserve to have the comprehensive detail such as elegant hairstyle, eyelash, makeup look, pupil, beautiful shell, can match the style that gives 1000 kinds of above, xiaogong starts contented everybody appointment, shop, the dream of transhipment of through cargo of the setting of different the story of a play or opera such as classroom, motion, late banquet.

If continue thorough game, players can discover ” sweet bud content language ” building a sterling day is AVG gut, the double ended radius sleeker of day type small town that was full of romance and dreamy adventure in former, the part that the player acts will be in maple leaf primary middle school, midsummer street, sweet outside and pretty, figure meets unexpectedly in a variety of setting such as somnambulate Eden the NPC of each different, want to finish masterstroke job only, can spread out to profession differently with them, love, make the story of gut of of all kinds such as friend, no matter you like the palace after playing to still play CP, not allow to miss oh ~

As ” sweet bud content language ” leave grandly measure, sport is official go up line also can be expected soon. Hope author can make everybody right for everybody’s introduction ” sweet bud content language ” had an abecedarian knowledge, but the thorough knowledge that should talk pair of game, rice graceful mulberry still needs to experience in game this unprecedented 3D is beautiful personally hand of girl transhipment of through cargo swims, realize oneself luxuriant princess dream oh!

” sweet bud content language ” it is wing network is admired make, the 3D of acting character of Xu Jiao of astral young woman game of transhipment of through cargo of 2 dimension beautiful girl. Slow-witted bud beautiful girl is sweet what bestow favor on blackart to make in lovely bud is how-to below, take you to open new world of beauty of transhipment of through cargo! Huge dress was offerred in game, let a player be in happy daily in enjoy fun of transhipment of through cargo to the top of one’s bent. Skirt of school uniform pure beauty places resound youth air, luxuriant Lo woman is full-dress bear the weight of illusion of charming and gentle, satisfy you to explode the longing of transhipment of through cargo of canopy, wake up dream of your princess queen girl! The IOS edition that road road game publishs be about to go up line, expect please!

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