Tecent is announced formally ” fetch is fought collect ” the hand swims! Joined PVP to be opposite battle mode

The UP 2016 news briefing that holding the hand swims on link, interactive entertainment made public Tecent formally to be based on division Le Meiqi to fall ” fetch is fought collect ” the mobile phone game that is subject matter.

According to foregoing reports, tecent vice-president Lv Peng is when division of entertainment of number of first DEF Chengdu accept visit moment to ever expressed, since was taken ” fetch is fought collect ” this one IP, (We) regular meeting is faithful at it, no matter be,popularize from product, operation or market in the future, can exhaust the greatest power protects this IP, this also is we go License(obtains authorization) reason, also be a honest to accredit commitment, affirmation won’t change a name casually. At the same time he also states Kelemei also is met adversary swims edition ” fetch is fought collect ” undertake inspect is repaired, offer oneself opinion and think of a way in time to the product, in order to make both sides reachs consensus.

It is reported, this second Tecent makes ” fetch is fought collect ” the hand swims, it is right classical fetch is fought collect greeting and brand-new deduce. ” fetch is fought collect ” hand You Jicheng the most classical enter close, two-men group group play a way, the gender innovated to add the way of net amuse oneself such as antagonism of real time PK, army group again in the meantime, serve a hand to swim for Chinese player of the times brand-new ” fetch is fought collect ” add is made.

” fetch is fought collect ” in series bridge of Rance and Bill, island, iron, S plays classical role, the fetch such as God of door Boss, demon fights compass allusion element, will be in ” fetch is fought collect ” the hand swims in appear one by one, appear with more high quality picture at the same time. And two-men group group plays a way, enter close, slip into, defend, rescue wait for the task to play a way, also will fight Luo Li acting BOSS one case with fetch, perfect appear, expect Tecent is a player bear a satisfactory exam paper.

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